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Gungahlin records a cooler, wetter April

The April 2014 Gungahlin Weather Report is out now.
In summary: April was cooler, cloudier & wetter than normal.


Warm September Night

Gungahlin Weather Centre recorded its warmest September night. The min this morning (10th) was 14.3. Previous record 13.5 in 2003!

Frosts down during Gungahlin’s mild winter.

Did you know?

Gungahlin’s mild 2013 winter left only 42 frosts behind. Down on the 59 frosts in 2012 and the 65 recorded in 1999!

Gungahlin is on track for a record warm August day!

The warmest August max recorded at the Gungahlin Weather Centre is 21.0 (31 August 1999).

This record could be broken over the next two days as Gungahlins expected max tomorrow is 20 and 21 for Friday.

Keep an eye on the weather at http://www.gungahlinweather.com/